Not located close to my studio?

You can order a mould kit in my shop. After shipping your dental impression back you will receive a €20 discount on your grill. This discount applies once.

You can use any kit, but I recommend using mine, because it includes high precision impression putty.


1. Read 'GRILLZ' page

Make sure you understand how ordering grillz from me works.

2. Send me your ideas (for customs)

For custom designs:
Send a sketch or reference photo (with detailed description) to or DM me on Instagram. Wait for approval of the design.

Skip this step if you want a regular grill!

3. Order mould kit

If your design has been accepted, order my mould kit.

4. Take mould & send photo

After taking your mould (instructions below) and before sending it back to me, please e-mail/DM me clear photos of your dental impression (with flash) so I can see if everything’s right and approve it. Focus on capturing the part you want your grill on.

5. Ship it back

Fill in the included form and ship your mould back to me. You can re-use the original package.

You can find the shipping address on the form.

6. Now the fun starts!

After receiving your mould back, we arrange the payment of the grill you want and I can now start making your grillz!
You will receive a message and photo when they're ready. It will be shipped to the same address as the mould kit.