All you need to know when getting grillz made by Divine Grillz


#1 Come to my studio

Pick a design and book a grill intake appointment at my studio in Almelo. The appointment will take about 20-30 minutes.

#2 Do it at home

Order the mould kit in my shop and take your own dental impression at home.
Follow the steps on the MOULD KIT page.

#3 Go to your dentist

Ask your dentist to professionally take your mould and send the plaster model to me. Please contact me before doing this.



Grillz without stones

14K, 18K and silver: 3-4 weeks
9K grillz: 6-8 weeks

Grillz with stones

14K, 18K and silver: 4-6 weeks
9K: 6-10 weeks


Attach the grill by putting some denture adhesive (I recommend using Fixodent) on the inside of the back. This will secure the grill in place for a few hours.


Remove the grill by simply pulling it off your teeth.


Remove before eating & smoking

Eating will scratch or dent the metal.

Smoking stains the metal – it will turn black.

Watch out with drinking

Choking hazard - remove before drinking or use a straw.

The dental adhesive will dissolve faster when you drink.

Drinking can also stain the metal.

Use case for protection

I will provide a small case with your order. Try to always use a protective case when you're not wearing them.

For example, avoid placing grillz in the pockets of your pants, your bag, etc. without protection as it may cause irreversible damage.

Clean them regularly

Use liquid dish soap, hot water and a soft toothbrush to clean the inside.

Polish with a polishing cloth and gold/silver polish to make them shiny again.

There are helpful videos on YouTube on how to clean stained silver/gold jewelry.

Ready for your one-of-a-kind piece?

I can help bring your vision to life by translating your ideas into a design tailored exclusively to you.

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