Frequently Asked Questions


Can I book an appointment together with a friend/family member?

Yes, just book two spots so I can make sure I have enough time for you both.

Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

If that makes you feel more comfortable: of course! But please, don’t bring more than two friends with you or let me know.

Can I pay after receiving my products?

No, it’s not possible to pay for a product after receiving it.

Online purchases always need to be paid fully in advance.

Payments at my studio will be done 50% in advance on the first appointment and the other 50% when you’re picking up grillz.

I can't come to your studio - can you come to me?

That depends on where you want me to go. Just send a DM (@divine_grillz) or an email to discuss it.


How do I put the grillz in?

You attach the grillz with a bit of dental glue (Fixodent) so they don’t fall out. Put a bit of dental glue on the inside of the grill, preferably on the back.

I don’t make grillz you snap onto your teeth, because they can harm the enamel.

What materials do you use for grillz?

- 9 karat
- 14k gold (585)
- 18k gold (750)
- silver (925)

I only use real, solid and high quality silver and gold.

I have a dental splint ("spalkje"), is that a problem?

That’s no problem. I’ll make sure the grill fits well and doesn’t affect the wire.

I have facings. Can I get grillz?

Getting grillz on facings is possible, but please let me know you have facings beforehand in a DM (@divine_grillz) or email so we can discuss your situation.

The grillz will still be non-permanent and removable. I don't make permanent grillz or silver/gold facings.

Do you make permanent grillz too?

No, I don’t. I create grill caps you can temporarily put onto your teeth. DIVINE grillz isn’t a medical institution. Please contact your dentist if you want a permanent solution.

Can I eat/drink/smoke when wearing my grill?

I strongly discourage eating while wearing your grill, because it’s not a prosthesis and eating will damage the metal and there's a choking hazard.

Drinking while wearing a grill is your own responsibility. The Fixodent might dissolve faster and there's a choking hazard.

I do not recommend smoking while wearing your grill. The metal may discolor over time.

Do I need a gap between my teeth to get a gap filler?

No, you don’t. I will place the gap filler on top of your teeth if you don't have a gap.

I don't live in The Netherlands. How can I get a grill made by you?

You can order a mould kit. Go to the “MOULD KIT” page in the menu above for more information on ordering.


I have facings. Can I get tooth gems?

No, tooth gems can't be attached to facings.

What stones are used for tooth gems?

Real Swarovski stones.

How long to tooth gems stay on?

Tooth gems will last at least one month and can last up to years. It depends on the acidity of your mouth, shape of your tooth, how/what you eat/drink and how you take care of them.

Please note that every body is different and it’s not guaranteed your tooth gems will last as long as you’d like.

Can I eat/drink/smoke after getting tooth gems?

After some time, you can eat/drink/smoke again.

Don’t eat, drink and smoke for the first hour after gem placement.

Avoid brushing the gem for the first 12 hours.

Avoid alcohol, soda and hard foods for the first 24 hours.