Handcrafted grillz and outstanding jewelry that speak louder than words.
For those who are seeking to be extraordinary.

My grillz are

Hand made

Divine Grillz is a one-woman show. Each grill takes individual time and attention and each grill is unique.


You can put them in and take them out whenever you want, but please: don't wear your grillz when eating, smoking or sleeping.


Made with solid and high-quality recycled silver and gold. Take good care of your grillz and they'll last a lifetime!

Harmless & painless

The grillz Divine Grillz makes don't snap onto your teeth. You'll need to attach the grillz with denture adhesive (Fixodent).

Make the ultimate statement

Pick a design that reflects your personality and celebrate your individuality like never before, without harming your teeth.

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Private studio in Almelo

My studio is more than just a space for crafting jewelry; it's a welcoming place where you can be yourself.

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Crafted by hand to fit YOU

Divine Grillz is woman-owned, by me: Dorien Broenink.
I want to show the world grillz aren’t only for the tough – they’re also for the vulnerable.

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